1、To achieve dreams, will challenge the reality!要实现梦想,就要向现实挑战!

2、Want to succeed must meet the challenge, to be successful as soon as possible to find a challenge.想要成功就要迎接挑战,想要尽快成功就要寻找挑战。

3、Don’t yield to misfortune. Should be bolder, more actively challenge to misfortune.别向不幸屈服,应该更大胆、更积极地向不幸挑战。

4、Challenge, not necessarily successful, but to give up, you will fail.挑战,不一定成功,但放弃,就定会失败。

5、Burning passion, challenge the limit, beyond the self.燃烧**,挑战极限,超越自我。

6、Standing at a new starting point, to meet new challenges, create new achievements.站在新起点,迎接新挑战,创造新成绩。

7、You can hate fighting, but this can’t be you give up to challenge yourself, challenge the fate of the reasons.你可以厌恶争斗,但这绝不能成为你放弃挑战自己,挑战命运的理由。

8、The biggest challenge in life, in an attempt to you finalize the design world, honest to be you.人生最大的挑战,就是在一个试图将你定型的世界里,诚实的做自己。

9、The first step in the growth is full of challenges, need courage.成长的第一步充满挑战,需要勇气。

10、You don’t challenge fate, fate will challenge you, this is the place where the most cruel fate.你不挑战命运,命运就会挑战你,这就是命运最残忍的地方。

11、A person, want to good, you have to accept the challenge.一个人,想要优秀,你必须要接受挑战。

12、Is the biggest challenge and breakthrough of choose and employ persons, but the biggest breakthrough of choose and employ persons is to trust people.最大的挑战和突破在于用人,而用人最大的突破在于信任人。

13、A living, is constantly challenging, constantly climbing fate topped peaks.所谓活着的人,就是不断挑战的人,不断攀登命运峻峰的人。

14、Should seize every opportunity to prove to everyone that you, prove that you are able to meet the challenge.要抓住一切机会,向所有人证明你自己,证明你能够迎接挑战。

15、Life is filled with all sorts of unknown, we need to explore, step by step, step by step the challenge, step by step forward, step by step over.生活中充满各种未知,我们需要一步一步探索,一步一步挑战,一步一步前进,一步一步战胜。

16、Don’t challenge me, and I worry about your safety.不要挑战我,我担心你的安危。

17、I think, as long as improving yourself should challenge the limit.我认为,只要提高自我就应该挑战极限。

18、Life is so long, no more challenge how can do?人生这么长,不多点挑战怎么能行呢?

19、If you don’t challenge yourself today, then tomorrow life will challenge you.如果你今天不挑战自己,那么明天生活就要挑战你。

20、Life is a challenge of thorns, so, time is the witness of the challenge.人生就是一场充满荆棘的挑战,那么,时间就是这场挑战的见证者。

21、Challenges of text, pick the feeling; Number of challenges, challenge the limit!挑战文字,挑在感想;挑战数量,挑战极限!

22、Life is like not to bold adventure, then nothing. Yes, if you never accept the challenge, you feel the stimulation of victory.人生如不去大胆地冒险,便一无所获。是的,如果你从不接受挑战,就感受不到胜利的刺激。

23、Challenge and creation is very painful, but very substantial.挑战和创造都是很痛苦的,但是很充实。

24、Because the challenge is his life!因为挑战才是他的人生啊!

25、If you want to go beyond your limits, you have to challenge yourself, if you want to challenge myself, have to see through yourself.要想超越自己的极限,就得挑战自己,要想挑战自己,就得看透自己。

26、Men always fight alone, always challenge yourself.男人总是独自战斗,总是在挑战自己。

27、Challenge the courage to challenge the limit, all can challenge the persons and things that challenge. This is a bold in life.挑战勇气,挑战极限,挑战一切可以挑战的人和事。这是人生的豪迈。

28、We have to let the dream come true to reality challenge.要让梦想实现,就要向现实挑战。

29、Someone to challenge me, said, you release your horse and come, I don’t answer, to go to gallop only, then the doctor to overthrow him.有人向我挑战,说你放马过来我不回话,只是疾驰而去,然后马后炮打倒他。

30、Do what you cannot do is challenge, more than challenge my ability, is called stimulus.做自己做不到的事,才叫挑战,超过自己能力之外的挑战,就叫刺激。

31、Life is full of challenges. As long as we can calm accept the challenge and overcome challenges, we will not be intimidated.生活充满挑战。只要我们能够平静接受挑战,战胜挑战,我们就不会被吓倒。

32、People have focused on something, people go for a lifetime there will be more challenges, you change every day, I was afraid of you.人要有专注的东西,人一辈子走下去挑战会更多,你天天换,我就怕了你。

33、The external challenge is smart, intelligence wisdom rises through your inner challenge.智力对外在的挑战是精明的,智慧通过你内在的挑战升起。

34、Life sometimes, you must go to the great challenges.生命的有些时候,你必须去挑战伟大。

35、To inspire potential, to surpass ourselves and to pursue their dreams, the challenges in life.激发潜能,超越自我,追求梦想,挑战人生。

36、The challenging life is the true life, challenge the process is the best part of life.充满挑战的生活才是真正的生活,挑战的过程是人生最精彩的部分。

37、You can challenge me, but I’m ready to laugh at you!你们可以挑战我,但我已经准备好了嘲笑你们!

38、A person to be good, must accept the challenge, a person to be good as soon as possible, go to look for challenges.一个人要想优秀,必须要接受挑战,一个人要想尽快优秀,就要去寻找挑战。

39、Don’t shy away from pain and difficulty, stand to it challenges, and overcome it.不要回避苦恼和困难,挺起身来向它挑战,进而克服它。

40、Give me silence, I will challenge the night.给我静默,我将向黑夜挑战。

41、Take once regret, to challenge for the future.带上曾经的遗憾,向未来发起挑战。

42、Life need to challenge, young no limit.人生需要挑战,年轻没有极限。



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