1、The stars in the sky twinkle twinkle little star, the sky is money.天上的星星一闪一闪亮晶晶,满天都是钞票的白日梦。
2、If you are waiting for you is a kind of happiness, then let it go is a kind of perfect, perfect on both sides.如果被等待是一种幸福,那么放手就是一种成全,双方的成全。
3、Don’t ask you to place, north and south, east and west cloud, love, hate total recall, you and me hand in hand!莫问君归处,东西南北云,爱恨总相忆,你我携手行!
4、Like the wind to fill her memories, painful blow, but love is in imperceptible in the cold.像风灌进回忆一样,痛被吹散,爱却在不知不觉中着了凉。
5、Some memories, even if the pain, but still want to remember, because at that time the better.有些回忆,即使痛苦,却仍要记住,只因那时的美好。
6、Every day like secretly hiding behind you watching you, so quiet looking at you, I have satisfied.每天都喜欢偷偷躲在你后面看着你,就这样静静的看着你,我已经心满意足了。
7、This world, there is no love without reason, no hate without a reason.这个世上,没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨。
8、Sometimes think, the most sorrowful is grow up. Since then, smile no longer pure, cry no longer thoroughly.有时候想想,最大的悲哀莫过于长大。从此以后,笑不再纯粹,哭也不再彻底。
9、I can’t walk into your fairy tale, you don’t want to go to my story.我走不进你的童话里,你也不愿走进我的故事里。
10、I have been doing the same dream, the dream have you have me.我一直都在做同一个梦,梦里有你有我。
11、Smoke woman, looking forward to one’s dream is like a romantic cuddling.如煙旳女子,期待旳是如夢般浪漫旳依偎。
12、The world only you can have the right to hurt me, that right or I will give.这个世界只有你能有伤害我的权利,那权利还是我给的。
13、Cannot guarantee to the kind of love I want, why to choose me.无法保障给我想要得爱情,为什么当初要选择我。
14、Love a person is true, say it is a big adventure.爱一个人是真心话,说出来就是大冒险了。
15、Every stay different, afraid of every time you miss in front of my eyes.每一次停留都与众不同,害怕你每次从我眼前错过。
16、This world not everything can be heavy to, not what harm can kill.这世间不是什么事都可以重来,不是什么伤害都可以抹杀的。
17、Loneliness is not the most terrible, habits don’t lonely days, then return to the lonely, is the most terrible.寂寞不算最可怕,习惯不寂寞的日子,再回归这种寂寞,才是最可怕的。
18、If all deep love is secret, so just say to that person.如果所有的深爱都是秘密,那么只说给那一个人听就好。
19、I put down the dignity down individual character down stubborn because not put you.我放下了尊严放下了个性放下了固执都是因为放不下你。
20、Only let my heart become strong, don’t need anyone’s protection.只有让自己的心变得强大,才不需要任何人的保护。
21、I love you than ever at any time, but this is the last time I will not say anymore.我比曾经任何时候都爱你,但这是最后一次我以后再也不会说了。
22、The world abandoned me, I will, as always, love you, forever!这个世界都抛弃了我,我还是会一如既往的爱着你,永远!
23、Little drops of man, stupid is not cold, ah, ah, love poor happy every day.小小滴人啊,傻不冷登阿啊,天天就爱穷开心啊。
24、Have this moment of happiness is also willing to, because I give everything you deserve.拥有这一刻的幸福也愿意,因为你值得我付出一切。
25、We put down the dignity, put down the individual character, down stubborn, all just because not put a person.我们放下尊严,放下个性,放下固执,都只是因为放不下一个人。
26、You not because of her beauty and love her, but she is because of your love and beauty.你不是因为她的美丽而爱她,而她却是因为你的爱而美丽。
27、Know your signature write is not for me, but I was self-deception accordingly.明知道你的签名写的不是为我,而我却自欺欺人的对号入座。
28、Everything I do is silently, bitter sweet, more is their chewing heartache.我做的一切都是默默的,有苦有甜,更多的是自己咀嚼心痛。
29、Time changed your appearance in Russia, but can not change the appearance of the Russian love you.时间改变了你俄的样子,却改变不了俄爱你的样子。
30、Perhaps we didn’t change, just more and more close to the real you.也许我们都没变,只是越来越接近真实的自己。
31、Since when, you are in my heart occupied others, unshakable position.从什么时候开始,你在我心里占据了别人,不可动摇的位置。
32、Only a person is willing to wait for, another talent to appear.只有一个人愿意等,另一个人才愿意出现。
33、The lonely room, the lights don’t drive too bright, more no hiding into the night.寂寞的房,灯光别开的太亮,到夜晚更无处躲藏。
34、Let you in no my local crazy, let me in the world without you strong.让你在没有我的地方疯狂,让我在没有你的世界坚强。
35、Met you by accident, be fond of you not suddenly, fall in love with you was taken for granted, miss you every day is a bad habit to nature.碰见你是偶然,喜好你不是突然,爱上你倒是理所当然,每天想你是习气成自然。
36、It’s funny? Side didn’t hello strange life with me?好笑吗?身边没你好怪陪我一生一世好吗?
37、I found two people together there is no common language is a very let a person hurt.我发现两个人在一起没有共同语言是个很让人蛋疼的事。
38、How I want god to put my seal on your heart.我多想让爱神把我封印在你心里。
39、A day without reading, no one could see; A week without reading, start will be outburst; January not reading, IQ loss to the pig.一日不读书,无人看得出;一周不读书,开始会爆粗;一月不读书,智商输给猪。
40、After several days of my night astrologers, finally and it’s going to rain tomorrow.经过多日我夜观天象,终于明天又要下雨了。
41、Please accept all lose and separation, this is our destiny.请接受一切的失去与分离,这是我们的宿命。
42、Don’t because of losing someone doesn’t love you, love you for you sad.不要因为失去一个不爱你的人,让爱你的人为你难过。
43、The most happy love no words, the most romantic love, is to grow old with you.最幸福的爱情没有言语,最浪漫的爱,就是和你一起慢慢变老。



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