The Opposite of Classy

In 2003, three of my closest friends from high school came to Montreal for New Year’s.  One night we somehow got into a discussion about how to describe someone who is not the classiest person on earth.  We were certain there must be a word for it, but we couldn’t think of what it might be, so “the opposite of classy” became the official term, and since then we have used it to describe each other often.

I know I just changed the name of this blog last October, but there have been a lot of changes in my life over the last few months, and “Feels Like Today” never felt quite right.  It describes perfectly where I am in life at the moment, but it didn’t accurately describe the fun and often lighthearted nature of this blog – even when I post about serious topics I’ve always tried to keep a little humour.  “The Opposite of Classy” is exactly how I feel about myself these days, and I mean that in a good way. A friend told me the other night that I am not the most politically correct person he knows, and I thanked him for the compliment.  I have never thought it necessary to censor every thought I have; I think it’s more important to say how I’m feeling and just get it out there, regardless of the repercussions.  The other night I was on a date and the guy told me, “you’re not supposed to discuss politics or religion on the first date.”  My response was, “screw that, we might as well get it out in the open right away.  I’m not religious, and I vote Liberal.”

I’m going to venture a guess that I don’t see that guy again.  I’m okay with that.

So please be patient while I tweak this new design to make it really work for me.  And don’t be surprised if it, and the name, change again in the next couple of months – I’m in a very transition-y phase of life right now, and this site has always changed with my whims.  I’ve always said this is the blog of a girl trying to figure out life… this is just part of it.  Share with me the adventures of being a twenty-something smack dab in the middle of old family issues, therapy, dating and that wonderful thing called STARTING YOUR LIFE (i.e. that period that comes after the supposedly carefree university years).

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