A good Good Friday

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Instead of the usual Good Friday church service, this year we did something new – a modern version of the stations of the cross. The Good Friday service is one of my favourites, so I wasn’t sure about this new event, but when I was asked to help out of course I was more than willing to pitch in and lend a hand. I had no idea what the stations of the cross even were, but as soon as we started setting up last Wednesday, I knew it would be special. Twelve stations throughout the church would take people through from the beginning of the earth to Jesus coming onto the scene, to the crucifixion and resurrection.

The station that I staffed on Good Friday was the ninth of twelve, called “It Is Finished.” At this station, you entered a dark, quiet room where a table of candles was set up. You read some scripture and words about the end of the crucifixion, including Jesus’ final words, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

At that point, you were invited to blow out a candle, to signify Jesus’ death.

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It was absolutely special and moving to be a part of this. While my interaction with those going through the experience was minimal – in fact, mostly what I did was silently show people into the room, and then slip in quickly and quietly between visitors to add more candles as those already lit were blown out – but it was so incredibly neat to be there as nearly 200 people took part in it. Because it was such an interactive experience (at other, prior stations, people were asked to mimic the actions of a whipping and then actually hammer a nail into wood), it was also emotional. Several people emerged from my station teary-eyed; several more looked at me with surprise in their eyes, expressing without words that it was a powerful and meaningful event for them.

I’m grateful any time I can be a part of something at the church, grateful that I can help out and even that they would ask me to. Serving my church community is an important way for me to connect with God and my friends in faith, and I look for every opportunity to do so. I didn’t even go through the twelve stations on Good Friday, but at the end of it I felt as though I had been through something just as meaningful as those who did.

good friday
(I “borrowed” [read: stole] this collage from a friend’s Instagram, as the one above is the only one I took that day.)

Shazam, lately

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I caught up on a couple shows this long weekend, and it seemed like every show I watched had awesome music in it that had me grabbing my phone to Shazam and save songs every few minutes. I just spent a couple hours a few weeks ago going through all the tagged songs in my Shazam list and creating a YouTube playlist of them, so tonight as I add all the new ones, I thought I’d share them here with you. Several of them are covers of popular songs, and there is noooooothing I love more than a good cover, especially an acoustic one. Enjoy!

“Secret” – Seal
I don’t even remember where I saw this one. Based on the date and time of the tag I’d have to say I was watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, but it seems like a strange show to have played this song. Either way, soooooo good.

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” – Sleeping At Last
Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t even judge me for still watching that show because I know how ridiculous it is. But I’ve been watching since the beginning and now I just need to see it through to the end. And it’s an amazing cover.

And here’s the actual scene from the show with the song, just because I really liked it:

“Something About You” – Cary Brothers
Also Grey’s Anatomy. Was this a Level 42 song originally?

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Aron Wright
*cough* Also Grey’s Anatomy. *cough* But also a terrific cover. And this part of the episode made me cry (shocking, I know, since I never do that).

And the scene:

“The Times They Are A-Changin’” – Richie Havens
There has not been one single version of this song that I have not adored. The lyrics are perfect, it makes for both an amazing upbeat and fun song and also a slower, more introspective song, and I heart it. This was on the season finale of Parenthood, and it was lovely and shut up I cried again. (Fun fact: I also just learned from youtube that this version of the song was featured on the West Wing (season 4, episode 7: “Election Night.” Show of hands, who still misses that show?)

Um, just discovered that he also does a cover of “Here Comes the Sun” that has a brilliant one minute and twenty second intro, so bonus song for you:

“Neverland” – VanLadyLove
I didn’t know this band existed until tonight, when I was catching up on (oh god, this is where it is really confirmed to you all that I am a huge loser) Sister Wives. Have I ever told you guys how much I want a sister wife? I do. Anyway, I think this must be a Utah band because I’m pretty sure there was a reference to them being local to where the family used to live, and I think they’re great.

“Alibi” – VanLadyLove
See above. This was the only video I could find for this song.

“Raging Fire” – Phillip Phillips
This is a just because song. I’m sure you all know this song, but I heard it twice on the radio this weekend and Shazam’d it both times before I realized I already had it. Every single song this guy puts out is perfect.